Painted By U, Free Tile!!

Painted By U will give your baby a free tile up until their 1st birthday, no purchase necessary! It really is no strings attached. I picked mine up today and love them! They even do the cute lettering for you, free!

Once you get into the store, you may be lured into buying more! You choose an item(they have over 300 to choose from), paint it, and pick it up later. It’s a fun activity and the staff is extremely helpful. I let my oldest child make a handprint tile that was around $10 total, art fee and tile included. They do parties of any type and allow walk-ins as well. It’s a great idea for a girls’ night out or birthday party for older kids.

Make sure you take the coupon in with you, and have fun! The new location is ideal- across from the Galleria, next to Toys R Us on 31. If you want to grab dinner and head over to paint, it would be perfect! My next project is a birthday plate for my daughter!

Painted By U

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