Holiday Shopping Tip

Before you do any online shopping, always run by to check for online discount codes! ... Read More

Twilight Anonymous Meetings?!?

It’s bad enough that we’re over 30 and on facebook (MySpace just feels dirty), but now we at BirminghamMommy are addicted to a Young Adult series called Twilight. You may ... Read More

Craft & Gift Sale – Prince of Peace

With Christmas around the corner, there’s plenty to do and plenty to buy. So, after you hit up Christmas Village (or before 😉 head over to Prince of Peace Catholic ... Read More

Make It Work!

So, over here at Birmingham Mommy, we have a small crush on a certain fashion aficionado. Tim “Make it work” Gunn. We hang on his word, wish that he was ... Read More

Christmas Village,

It’s that time of year again, Christmas Village is here. This is a great way to cross some names off that list and not be stuck picking something up last ... Read More

DST ends… and winter begins

Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday November 2nd. Don’t forget to let your clocks fall back an hour. We deserve an extra hour of sleep, but sadly our childrens’ internal clocks ... Read More

UPromise, free money!

If you don’t already have a UPromise account started, get one now! If you’re planning to buy anything at all, it can most likely be credited to your UPromise account. ... Read More

Art Festival: Moss Rock Festival

Moss Rock Festival’s slogan “Celebrating nature, open spaces & eco-ideas through art & design” just about sums this one up. We LOVE this festival. There is plenty to see, plenty ... Read More