Organizing Tips for Back to School

The school year is going to look VERY different for Families, from one school district to another the only thing that seems to be the same, is that everything is different. Whether your school is in-person, hybrid, or virtual, it’s going to take some organizing to make sure everything runs smoothly. Here are some ideas to make your days a little easier, whether they’re at home, at school or somewhere in between!

Create a Morning Checklist:
Mornings can be rough, especially when it comes to getting up much earlier than they’ve been used to (SINCE MARCH,) sit down with your kiddo and figure out all of the tasks they need to complete each morning in order to be ready to walk out the door or get ready for their first virtual class. Breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, get dressed etc… these tasks will vary based on the age of your child but can work with even the smallest students. Make a checklist on a poster board, magnetic board or whiteboard. You can post this in a couple of places around the house as a reminder. If your little ones can’t read, draw pictures. If one of their tasks is to make the bed, draw a picture of a bed. Brush teeth, draw a toothbrush… etc.

Create a homework/homeschool station: Have a designated spot for homework or for doing school from home, stock it with all of your homework/school day essentials.

Set up family inboxes: We have these in our kitchen, one for each child and one for family. We use it to keep school schedules, teacher information, papers that need to be signed, etc…  Make sure to go through these papers periodically throughout the school year (or even weekly) so they don’t accumulate and overflow.

Plan outfits in advance: This is one tip that makes every list you’ll see on the interwebs, because it’s a good one. Whether you have your kiddos pick outfits each night before the go to bed or on Sunday night for the entire week, this tip is a time saver. If your kids are doing virtual school, get them up and dressed, as much of a temptation it will be to stay in those jammies, getting them dressed will help them be more productive (and will look much better on those zoom classes! Also, many schools say they’ll be enforcing dress code and PJs are not allowed, make sure to check with your school for specific guidelines.)

Make your own lunch station: Portion out lunch items ahead of time and set up in baskets or bins for easy grab and go when kids are making their lunches. (also great for virtual learners, and grab and go snacks after school)

Family Calendar/Bulletin Board:
Sometimes it helps to have a centralized calendar up where everyone in the family can see what’s going on each week, In-school/Virtual Learning days, practice days, game schedules etc. We keep this up in the kitchen which is our coming and going spot and I’m sure everyone will pass by it several times each day.

Schedule a weekly “Clean Sweep:” Have everyone spend a pre-arranged 20 minutes each week cleaning, picking up and organizing their things for the week. Do this activity together as a family to help cut down on complaining.

What organizing tips have you implemented to keep everyone on track this school year?

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