Order Trumps Chaos : The Web's Top Time Efficiency Sites

So you want to start the year off with some order amongst the chaos?  We’ve got the scoop on the best efficiency websites for planning your days.  After all, we want to be more efficient, not keep stirring the chaos, right?

So get yourself organized (you know, if – like me- you’re not and want to be) and the rest will follow suit!

To Do Lists:


This simplistic and stylish to-do list lays your week out in front of you.  In its crisp design, teuxdeux helps you create order amongst the chaos.  If you’re just moving (or trying on) online calendars – this is a good baby step to take.  I particularly like my someday bucket – it’s proving to consist of a funny little list.’s motto is “outsource your memory”.  Yes, please!  This simple reminder website takes in what you need to remember to do, when you need to remember to do it and then sends you either an email reminder or text.  I usually choose text and so far it has reminded me of a doctor’s appointment, a late pick-up day at school and even to buy dishwasher detergent the next day.  Best of all, you can just type things in everyday language and it makes sense of it for you.  This is especially useful for me as I don’t usually make sense.  But it works!

Google Tasks

a basic (but functional) to do list.  Check off items as you finish and done.

Online Calendars (The Full Monty)


30 Boxes motto is “30 Boxes lets you connect with the people who matter most.”  With this online calendar you can get organized, share, remember dates, etc… It’s the online planner you never knew you needed.   What you’ll find is just what it says – 30 boxes to fill up with life!


Integrates all aspects of family life onto a calendar – including your photos, to do lists, reminders, family journal, even your shopping list! In addition – articles for living simply are accessible right on site.  We love this one, but would consider it the Big Mama of online calendars as it does just about everything – and then I suspect it would try to do a little more.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is a basic calendar, but I can integrate it with my other google accounts (personal and business entries on one calendar!)…Also, it can be synced with my phone – so good news all around.

Everything Else


Capture everything, organize it , find it.

I use Evernote as a “life scrapbook” of sorts.  I am constantly using the app on my phone to record something I need to remember to do, take a photo of something I want to recall later…


Connect with businesses just like regular 411, except, this one is free.

Google calculator

Google calculator is great – great because sometimes….well, sometimes I’m just lazy.  Instead of finding the calculator accessory on my computer (you know, that daunting task that takes all of 1 minute) I can go to the google search bar and type in what I want to compute.  Done.


What can I say, I can’t live without Alice now that I’ve met her.  She’s great.  She’s cost-efficient and she works hard. And oh yeah, her delivery is free.  We’ve told you before how much we love her, so we’ll spare you the rambling… But the long and short of it is this: I’m running low on body wash and stamps?  Not a problem – I’ll have them within 2 days.  Done.  Be careful, once an alice customer, always an alice customer

Real Simple

Real Simple is both a fabulous magazine and ultimate destination for people wanting to, well, live simply.  I have come back to the site time and time again for their checklists – from tag sales to organization – they’ve got one for you

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