New Mommy Bootcamp: Shopping Tips

All month at we are going to be featuring tips and bits of knowledge for new moms. We already do this throughout the year, but you’ll see a lot of it this month. And we don’t know everything!! Please comment and let us know your opinion!

I was asked by a mom-to-be for any advice… and at first I thought “I dunno!” But then I regained my senses, peeled kid #2 off of me, gave kid #1 a sippy cup, and started rattling off little bits of what I consider priceless knowledge!


The pack n play is essential– invest in it.

To save space buy a high chair that fits on a kitchen chair… I wish I had done that. Or the kind that hooks onto the table.

Bassinet is not necessary if you’re tight on money, you can just put the pack n play in your room.

No one I know ever used their diaper genie, and neither did I. There are so many diapers (~ 10 a day) in the beginning, we all just put them in plastic walmart or grocery store bags.

Wipe warmer is the most useless thing ever.

A cloth diaper makes the best burp cloth.

Bibs, lots of them… but if they don’t have some kind of plastic backing, they won’t help much. I buy cheap ones b/c they get ruined so fast.

Don’t open all the bottles. Buy or register for one or two of each kind… some babies are really picky about which bottle they’ll take. Same goes for pacifiers… get one of each.

And last but certainly not least…
Don’t take tags off unless you have to and save receipts!! A lot will end up unused, just because of how fast the first month flies by.

And we have so much more we can and will share… motherhood gives you knowledge and lots of trial and error tips! Stay tuned!

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