New Exhibit: Explore Your World at McWane Science Center

Coming January 21, 2023 to McWane Science Center

Complete a quest across land and sea as you discover our planet with McWane Science Center through the upcoming traveling exhibit, Explore Your World!

Maps are created using layers of data to help us understand the world around us and guide how we interact with it. Mapping and navigation have been at the heart of the human experience since the dawn of our species, underpinning advancements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) over millennia.

In Explore Your World! visitors will use different navigational tools and techniques to:

Learn about coordinates as you play a giant game of Battleship.
Navigate the earth using the stars.
Use sonar to scan your friends.
Investigate shipwrecks.
Pilot a simulated underwater vehicle.
Escape a virtual building during an emergency.
Create your own 3D globe or 2D Map.
Build your own town.
And so much more!

Explore Your World!, an Imagine Exhibit, will educate McWane Science Center visitors all the way through May. McWane Science Center is excited to spark an interest in geography, cartography, earth and space science, engineering, math, and physics. We look forward to exploring with you in 2023.


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