Never Say Never….

I think at some point in every woman’s pre-kid life there are things that they swear they would never do or say when they become a mom…  When I was kid-less I was never going to be “that” parent. I was going to be Mother Superior, I had it all mapped out…. In my head. It was such a nice place to be at that time. Then? I gave birth and everything I thought I knew went out the window (along with many other things.) In one quick blink, I became my Mother. I became all of those other Mothers in the world who swore the same thing before me and my Mom and my Grandmother and so on…

While there are gracious plenty to choose from I’ve narrowed it down to a few things, things I swore I would never do or say when I became a parent… How bad do you think our Moms (and their Moms and so on…) are laughing at us right now?

“Because I said so!” This was a biggie for me, I always felt like you should have a reason and that your child would understand the reason. I also underestimated sleep deprivation, massive amounts of housework and the persistence of an inquisitive toddler/pre-schooler who’s favorite word is “why.”

Do you have ants in your pants?/Sit up straight/ Why can’t you sit still? She’s 4! That’s why she can’t sit still, but really why do I care? So long as she’s quiet.

Stop Yelling!?! I yell to the child playing upstairs in the playroom with a movie going. Wonder why she yells?

Sacrifice fashion for comfort… Let’s face it, cute heels and playgrounds just don’t go together. You can try, but those of us who have “given up” will talk about you behind your back. We really will.

Watch BarneyI managed to make it through one child without having to endure the obnoxious purple dinosaur but somehow, someway (I blame my Mom) the twins are obsessed. While it’s cute when they sing “I lub ew, ew lub me….” I would rather sit in the corner and have people spit on me than listen to him in my living room.

Listen to the Wiggles… See Above only instead of people spitting on me, I think I could tolerate something like hot pokers to my cornea.

Allow my kids to eat candy for dinner… or crap in general. Whaddayagonnado? Life never works out as planned, and sadly nutrition sometimes falls by the wayside. We get home late or there’s just no time. If my kids like mini corn dogs in bulk from Costco who am I to complain? It saves my day sometimes. That and a pack of smarties – Yes! I’m mother of the freakin’ year!

Have you become your Mom (your Grandma, her Mom or so on?) share with us what you are doing now that you swore you would never do.

2 thoughts on “Never Say Never….

  1. When my kids are running around in the grocery store, restaurant or anywhere else they shouldn’t be running around I say, “This is not a playground”. Yep, my mother used to say it all.the.time.
    It’s just the right thing to say though, darnit!

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