Music to our Ears! Birmingham Mountain Radio

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we were to find out that some familiar voices would be returning to radio here in the Magic City in the form of an Internet Based Radio Station called Birmingham Mountain Radio. This new station will have a world class rock/adult album alternative format and will focus on local content through local DJ’s, specialty shows, promotions, and through highlighting local and regional bands.

Many people were devastated when Live 100,5 went off the air almost 1 year ago, taking with it one of Birmingham’s most beloved DJ’s Scott Register.  Register has been responsible for bringing new music to Birmingham for years and I still say he’s responsible for introducing me to the sweet sounds of one of my favorite artists of all time, John Mayer. Mayer was an unsigned artist when 107.7X first played him here in Birmingham.

We had the opportunity to chat with Birmingham Mountain Radio’s Program Director, Geno Pearson and get a little more information about the launch of this new station that will at last fill a void for music lovers across the city (and beyond.)

Like us, You might be wondering about their decision to go with an internet based format rather than going back on air with a typical radio station. Pearson explains:  “The growth of internet radio over the past 2 years have been tremendous. It is also easier money wise to broadcast on the internet rather than terrestrial radio.”

What we love about this idea is that you can listen from anywhere. And with the launch of an app for your smart phones that Pearson says is coming “as soon as possible” you will be able to plug them in “Pandora style” when you head out for carpool or for a run.

When asked if this new station would be instrumental in bringing new bands, artists and music to Birmingham, Pearson tells us, “we won’t be a “cookie cutter’ radio station. We won’t necessarily follow the charts. If we think it’s a great song or band and it fits for Birmingham we will play it.”

Birmingham Mountain Radio is committed to being a service to Birmingham and to being part of the local community. “The Mountain” is bringing radio back to the way it was and the way it should be. That? Makes us very happy!

The new station is scheduled to launch any day now, to keep up with what’s going on with them you can visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

Let us know what you think, will you listen?

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