Multiplicity: Managing Multiples

When you first find out that you’re having multiples and the shock wears off, one of the first things that crosses your mind is logistics. Sure you had plenty of room in your car for an extra carseat, an extra bedroom in your home, a single stroller that you used with your first child that you were hoping to get another use out of…. And once you work out the logistics and buy the mini van you swore you’d never…  you get into a groove and start realizing that there are some small things that make a BIG difference when it comes to managing your multiples.

First up: The right stroller. I don’t care how much you work out, carrying two carseats all the time does not make good sense. It may give you the biceps you’ve always wanted but let’s remember logistics. What I loved was my double stroller frame that held both infant car seats

Next: A system for telling your multiples apart. This is especially useful for when you look back on baby pictures of your identical girls 5 years from now. Knowing that Baby A was always dressed in pink, and Baby B was always in purple will help you sound like you know what you’re talking about when they ask who is who in their baby pictures. Trust me on this, no matter how much you think you can tell them apart because you’re their mother – in 5 years the pictures will confuse you. Stick a bow in their hair.

2 of everything: You may think that a good strategy is to double your inventory of toys and games by buying each one something different, but I’m here to tell you, No. It does not work that way. As much as it hurts to buy 2+ of everything, in the long run it will save you hours of tantrums, fighting and a trip back to the store to buy another one anyway.

A Handy Notepad: Whether it’s left on your kitchen counter or stuck to your fridge, having a notepad easily accessible is a must. It’s great for keeping track of feedings when they’re young, adding essentials for your next grocery trip or even leaving your spouse a threatening loving note regarding the dishes in the sink or the piles of laundry you waded through on the way to your note pad.

Coffee (or caffienation of any kind): For serious. Stock pile your K-Cups, or since you’ve probably outgrown your house with the birth of your multiples.. strongly consider adding “Near a Coffee Shop” to your list of non-negotiables when you start your home search.

Communication: Instead of just yelling ‘HELP!’ at your bewildered and probably more rested than you husband, be specific in what you need him to do at that time. Research shows that a Mom’s stress level is directly related to how much perceived help she’s getting from her partner.

Are you a Mom of Multiples? What items did you find helpful in managing your life with twins or more?

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