Multiplicity – How Old is "Old Enough"

I’m falling into a terrible habit. I’m not sure if it’s my lack of “Parent of Multiples” experience or if I’m just flat out lazy most times. I tend to think it’s a little of both (we’re at least going to go with that.)

My twins are 2 years and some change. My single is 4 knocking on 5. There are so many things that our oldest would enjoy doing that we just can’t do right now because the twinlets aren’t “quite ready” they just aren’t “old enough” or *insert any other of the 50 excuses I come up with in a day*

How is this fair? I sit and listen to all of our friends that are taking trips to Disney World knowing that our Princess obsessed 4 year old would give up her Tianna Barbie faster than you can say “It’s not slime, it’s mucus” to visit the “Real” Princess Castle and dine with a host of beautiful Princesses. The thought of taking all 3 of them now makes me want to drink. Heavily.

I realize that Disney is a big undertaking for most families. It takes planning and saving and serious preparation but it’s not just Disney. It’s free summer movies, it’s trips to the park, it’s playdates, it’s a lot of simple things. It’s not like I don’t ever go anywhere with all 3, but it is very calculated. If it’s somewhere I’ve never been, there is a bit of anxiety involved because I’m not sure if I can handle them all, all by myself. Even a simple shopping trip can turn into a nightmare if the right cart isn’t available.

I guess my point is this. When they were just wee little babes that were foolishly released into my care weighing less than 5lbs a piece, I thought: I will feel so much better when they are little older and a little more sturdy. When they had reflux and were vomiting profusely all over everything I thought: It will be so nice when they have bigger tummys or can eat solid foods. When my arms were tired of carrying 2 car seats everywhere I thought: It will be so nice when they are walking and can just hold my hand. Now that they are walking I think: It will be so nice when they are old enough to understand to not go in opposite directions.

I look back and realize that the past 2 years were a blur. I don’t want to wish away these days just because it will make things easier, because then I (we and them) will have missed out on opportunities waiting for them to be “however” old is old enough.

Where is the line between sucking it up and just doing it and knowing your limits? How do you live in the moment when you have multiples?

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