Mother's Day Wishes from Birmingham Moms

We asked our Birmingham moms to tell us about things they’d love this Mother’s Day!  Here’s a sampling of what they had to say:

Reader and contributor L.K. Whitney would love:

Dinner and a movie (really! It’s been that long!), a day alone with yoga or a hand-written love letter thanking me for childbirth.

When I asked L.K. about any luxury items she’d love to recieve, she had some lovely ideas on that too!

Birthstone jewelry in honor of my son, a spa day, shopping spree at anthropologie, dinner at highlands, 3 months of cleaning service or a portrait

Reader and contributor Amanda had this to say:

Shoes.  (L.K.  added that “Yes! The gift of Tory, Jimmy, Manolo!”) Also, a “bubble bath” kit – super easy: bubble bath, a candle, fav magazine, and some new slippers!  And – a bath WITHOUT SPECTATORS

Reader Kelly T. is also thinking shoes:

My perfect Mother’s Day gift would be the Chanel black quilted flats I tried on in LA.

Reader Lee F. had this to say:

A trip somewhere and someone else pack and get everyone ready. Or for my husband to take the girls to a pottery studio and let them paint something for me. It has to be my husband to do it though =).
Reader Kona R.  agreed with Lee
I love the pottery idea, someone tell my husband!! I always tell my husband that whatever he and the boys get it should have something to do with being a mom. This year I requested no more jewlery.
Reader Jen Cowsar had this to add:

a solid 24 hours without any of my kids arguing. 🙂 I would settle for lots of hugs from my kiddos!

Reader Holly B. had this to add:

I have a lot of clients who love to get a photo session with their kids
Reader Selena P. had this to say:
I requested silver fingerprint charms.
From reader Heather S.:

Honestly I would love to go to a nice hotel and spend a night by myself. I would get a massage, order room service and just sleep,sleep,sleep.
From reader Gwen Y.:

Spa or Honda Pilot!!!! Oh maybe a beach trip!
From reader Kerry A.:
I have been dying for the silver fingerprint charm! I Want my husband to take my 2 girls to get it done. And maybe a pretty frame for our family pics from The Blink Lady this year
Reader Brandy B.  had this to add:

Trip to the Beach!
Reader Laura J.  had some great ideas too!:

I would love to have a Wildflower Wax candle made by hubby and little one, some great pictures of my daughter, and/or at least 4 hours to relax by myself and read a book, take a long bath, or just BE LAZY!
Laziness is not a privilege moms get to enjoy too often – I miss afternoons with nothing to do!
Reader Julie S. had this to offer:

To have my family around me.
If you could dream up anything – big, small; material or not – what would it be?

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