Mother's Day Buying Guide for Birmingham Moms

So, we know – why a Mother’s Day Buying Guide on a website for mothers?  Well, we’ve found some of the swankiest stuff around Birmingham and beyond and thought it would send a loud and clear message if you “accidentally” left the page up on your computer for others to see…. So, here are some of our picks for a fabulous Mother’s Day (or Mothers Month as we like to see it) – because, well, lunch out with your kids is great – but so is this stuff!

Thumbprint Necklace from Do It Yourself Crafts in Homewood.  This is a darling necklace that will be a keepsake forever.  In fact, they’re actually a little magical.  Let’s say (hypothetically) that a short person has just hurled mashed potatoes onto your rug.  All you have to do is zone out – look at that little necklace and you forget all about that mess on the floor.

Artwork from Modern Bird Studios.  This is a brilliantly modern and unique way to display your favorite photo.  I love them, simply love them.  Their motto “Your Life in Art” is spot-on.  Check it out – you’ll be glad you did.  And to sweeten things up a tad, Modern Bird is offering our readers 15% off through the month of May! Just mention the code “BIRMINGHAM” and they’ll get you all set up!

“The Nest” Necklace from Chrissie Larkin Design.  Local jewelry designer Chrissie Larkin’s “Nest” is a mom-pleaser. I know, I gave my mom one a few months ago and she shows it off to everyone. These necklaces are customizable and upgradable – who knows, you may decide to add another egg to your nest sometime!  Chrissie is offering a 15% discount on “The Nest” necklace through the month of May for all of you! Just mention “Birminghammommy” for your discount!

New family portraits.  Check out Jen Cowsar photography or Abernathy Photographics.  What mom wouldn’t want a super-sweet new pic of her little darlings on Mother’s Day? Take a stroll through their online galleries – you’ll see what we mean.

A day out!  We love our kids.  Scratch that, we live for our families – but sometimes the best thing for a mom is a few moments of peace and quiet – so why not make that a day of peace and quiet.  I can attest to the healing power of a day at Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa.  You can start off with a service, make your way to the steam room, then relax the rest of the day away in the quiet (hush!) pool room.  It can do wonders for your mind, body and spirit.  Trust me, your kids will thank you.

Updated T-shirts.  Let’s face it – you *may* have received worse gifts than a t-shirt, right?  So why not steer the husband in the right direction toward something you actually like?  We all have a t-shirt day (heck, I have a t-shirt day almost every day), but the big, boxy, one-size-fits-all t-shirt from the “Free the Frogs Fun Run” you participated in last year is not going to cut it. It’s time to update your wardrobe in a fun (and very affordable) way!  Check these out!

Want something less graphic-ky?  Check out the comfortable sophistication of Nation Ltd.  Yumm.

Other ideas:

A real getaway.  Pack a swimsuit, some sunscreen and take off to the Beaches of South Walton.  Why not?

An awesome arrangement – make it a room-full – from Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market

Philosophy Bubble Bath – available online or at Sephora (Summit or Galleria)

Some wonderfully fabulous stationery from Whimsical Paper.  A girl’s gotta write!

Children’s Birthstone Jewelry – or, let’s say a big, fat diamond. Check out Levy’s or Barton Clay

A trip to Wildflower Wax Candles & Boutique in Helena

Dinner at Highlands Bar and Grill

A gift certificate to a mom- only spot – try anthropologie or Gloss Denim Bar at the Summit, or Lulies on Cahaba in Mountain Brook

Fingerprint Art.  Fresh, modern…delish.  You must see this.

On with the art!  Check out Monty Stabler Galleries in Homewood for a breathtaking new addition for your home

Big thanks to all of our readers, twitter followers and facebook friends who helped us compile this list.  It’s a good one!

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  1. I’ve done the fingerprint charm at doityourself crafts. They have refined their technique and they are better now than 4 years ago. Super crowd pleaser! One tip though..about 1YO and under doesn’t really show up. I don’t know if you don’t have finger prints yet or what but it’s just an indention (still super cute)!

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