Minion Cupcakes!

Since we were stuck inside because of the stormy weather this week, we needed something to keep us busy! Knowing my kids love for the Minions (and that cupcakes were on our summer fun list,) I knew my kids were going to love this rainy day activity. Yours will too!

What you’ll need.

Cupcakes – Any boxed or homemade recipe will do
Icing – We used white
Cupcake Liners – We used yellow and blue to add to the color scheme.
Black writing icing
Sprinkles – We went with what we had on hand which made for some very colorful Minion hair.
Twinkies or Cloud Cakes

What you’ll do:

Bake cupcakes according to recipe instructions.
While your cupcakes are baking, decorate your minions. This is a perfect task for the tiny humans.

Cut your twinkies in half
Use a little of the black icing to secure 2 white smarties on the twinkies as eyes. (*Don’t forget about the one eyed Minions)
Place a tiny dot of black icing in the center of each smartie
Then draw a line out from the “glasses” on each side with the black icing, completing your glasses.

Once your cupcakes have finished baking and have cooled, ice and gently place a “Minion” on top.

That’s It! Super Easy Minions for the Despicable Me fans in your house!

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