Mingling with "Marth" Part 2

The show is underway. They are introducing us to all of the guests. We’re learning the in’s and out’s of when to clap loud and when to clap medium. Laugh, don’t laugh and most importantly they want our media in view at all times.

One guest talks about his inspiration from Julie and Julia, he actually gave Martha “F” on her Mango Sorbet…. Brave Man!

We’re learning how to make pad thai with Martha, it smells so good in this studio right now.  Yummy! Martha is trying something new with the egg for the dish,  how often can you say that you watched Martha try something new… and of course it worked.

This is such a surreal experience. We can’t believe how awesome this opportunity is. Doing what we love, on the road, in a cool city, with MARTHA!

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