McWane Science Center Becomes a Sensory Inclusive Organization

McWane Science Center has partnered with KultureCity to become a Sensory Inclusive organization to better serve our visitors with sensory processing needs. With this partnership, McWane Science Center will foster an inclusive environment for visitors with sensory processing needs by providing tools for a better experience in our center.

KultureCity is a transformative movement to ensure a better future for children with autism. The nonprofit organization believes all children should be accepted and treated equally, and the future of these children should not be limited by their medical diagnoses. McWane Science Center shares this belief and has partnered with KultureCity to be a Sensory Inclusive organization. Through training with KultureCity, our staff has been equipped with tools to help visitors with sensory processing disorders enjoy McWane Science Center.

For more information on KultureCity please visit

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags and headphones will be available for check-out at the Ticketing Counter. Sensory bags include weighted lap-pads, fidget toys and headphones. Sensory bags will also be available in the Cool Stuff Store when there’s a long line at the Ticketing Counter. Headphones will also be available in the Lunchrooms on the Lower Level for field trips and other groups.

Quiet Areas

McWane has designated “quiet areas” throughout the Adventure Halls where there is less noise and activity. These areas are ideal for visitors who are overstimulated and need a quiet place to sit. These areas are identified with signage and in the following locations:

Lower Level: Aquascape Theater
Level 2: City Gallery
Level 3: Art and Tech

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room, located on Level One under the interior staircase, is designed to provide a safe, calming, sensory-supportive environment to facilitate self-regulation and relaxation for visitors who are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated at the museum. Visitors will ask the security guard for access to the room.

McWane Science Center joins the Birmingham Zoo and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in offering this inclusive environment for those with Sensory Processing Needs.

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