The McWane Center is Turning 10 and You're Invited to Celebrate!

The McWane Center is celebrating its 10th year and is hosting a summer-long birthday party to celebrate! Help them celebrate all summer with free birthday cake every Saturday at 10 am in the lobby from May 24th – August 9th. Cake is first-come, first-serve so get there early!

Then, help them REALLY get the party going on the official day – July 12, 2008. The Ultimate 10th Birthday Blast lasts all day long and features some great things to get the party going. First, take advantage of their 2 for $10 discounted tickets to see all that the museum has to offer. And what they have to offer is amazing! For starters, on the official day (July 12th), they’ll unveil their largest exhibit ever, Linear Motion, an interactive robotic sculpture on the plaza. And don’t forget the other new exhibits, there’s “Itty Bitty City” , testing a racecar, racing dinosaur and so much more!

When:July 12, 2008
What: 2 for $10 tickets to Adventure Hall or IMAX @ McWane Center or
1 Adventure Hall & IMAX Combination Ticket for $10
$10 off all Membership Packages All Day

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