Looking for Something a Bit Different than Ballet or Gymnastics?

There are some excellent resources in our city if you’re looking for something  a little different than ballet or tap classes.  Here are a few of our recommendations.  Please add your own in the comments – we’d love for you offer your own ideas to our readers!

Samford University Preparatory Music

Preschool Division

The Merry Music Makers is a 45-minute class for 3- and 4-year-olds that meets once a week for 10 weeks. The class introduces the children to rhythm, melody, the music alphabet, and instruments of the orchestra, while providing an opportunity for musical creativity and expression.

Preschool Piano classes for those beginning piano study combine the Suzuki and traditional teaching methods to form the core of an exciting music program designed for older 4’s, 5-year-olds, and 6-year-olds who have not begun first grade. Very young students learn music fundamentals in a positive and creative environment where games and fun musical activities reinforce basic concepts. Students participate in a weekly 30-minute class and a 15-minute private lesson. Class size is small, and parents are required to attend and participate in the lessons.

School-Age Division

Private Instruction in Piano is available to students six years of age and older at all levels.

Private Instruction In Voice is available to students 12 years old and older at elementary and advanced levels.

Emphasis is placed on the instruction of repertoire and technique in both disciplines.

Musicianship Classes offer a time for the presentation and reinforcement of music theory, composition, history, appreciation, ear training, and performance. Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a Musicianship Class geared to their age and level of ability. Games and fun activities reinforce musical concepts. Students who are taking private lessons are eligible for musicianship classes, which meet for 30 minutes weekly.

Classes begin January 4th, so we’d recommend an immediate call to the school to find out about available spots if interested.  You can reach them at 205-726-4049 or 205-726-2810, or you can visit them online at Samford University Preparatory Music

Children’s Dance Foundation

Another great resource in the Birmingham area is the Children’s Dance Foundation in Homewood.  They offer a few things outside of typical dance classes.

Musical Theatre Dance Classes

Students will learn basic dance skills and combinations that are done in musical theatre auditions and shows. Students will also delve a bit further by learning the stories, plot lines and characters from several Broadway musicials, including Grease and The Sound of Music. For students in 3rd and 4th grade and an upper class for students in 5th grade and up.

They also offer acting workshops for students in the 1st grade and up.

The next session begins in early January, we definitely recommend calling immediately if you’re interested. You can find more information at their site – or call 205-870-0073

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