Learning with Legion

Here’s a fun new Summer program to get your kiddos involved in… Learning with the Birmingham Legion!

Kids in Kindergarten through 5th grade in and around the City of Birmingham have the opportunity to earn free tickets to Legion FC home games as they read throughout the summer. They will also be representing their school in a friendly competition for a chance to win a game out at Protective Stadium for their school’s leadership team. This school and those individuals will be honored at halftime.

For thresholds met of 100, 250, and 500 books read, those individuals will earn and qualify for a special prize benefit brought to the kids by Legion FC.

Children K-5th
3 books read = 1 free ticket.
4 tickets max per child per home game (12 books read).
Submissions for tickets are due 48 hours before the next home game date.

Book drive to begin on first home game after launch (Wednesday May 15th – 7:00pm).Donations will be accepted at the South and North Gates during every home game in May, June, July, and August.

Please note that your generous donations are purely voluntary and will not be rewarded with any incentives. We deeply appreciate your support and contribution to our local communities”

The school/organization with the most books read at the end of the program will receive a game out at protective to honor the individuals and leadership.

For any business or partner who is interested in joining this effort, please reach out to
Program Partners:

City of Birmingham

Housing Authority Birmingham District

Barnes and Noble

Homewood Public Library

Department of Youth Services

Birmingham Public Libraries

The Literacy Council

El Nido

NorthStar Ministries

Alabaster City Schools

Alabaster Public Library

Birmingham City Schools



For more information or to sign up… follow this link! 


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