Kind is Cool. Join the Challenge

It’s been a rough few months to say the least. None of us could have possibly been prepared for a global pandemic. If you’re feeling a lot like you’re living in the upside down, you’re not alone. We’re tired, we’re cranky, we’re confused and anxious about all of the information being thrown at us. It’s a lot. A whole heck of a lot. In an effort to continue to protect those around us, many of us are still practicing social distancing and skipping out on lots of the things that make us happy. So, we started trying to come up with ways we could spread some kindness to others who might be feeling like the same… enter the Kind Is Cool Challenge.

For the next few weeks, we challenge you to complete some Random Acts of Kindness. Let’s all work together to spread a ridiculous amount of happy around this City. While we’re encouraging you to spread some kindness, we definitely don’t want you spreading germs, so we’ve put together a list of some things you can do to brighten someone’s day from afar or with very limited interaction.

Now, here’s the fun the part. BirminghamMommy will be participating in the challenge by doing some of the things on the list below, as well as offering up some fun prizes to those who are participating. Just snap a picture of your act of kindness, DM or tag us on social media and use the hashtag #KindIsCoolBham – we’ll be paying it forward by randomly selecting readers to win prizes like gift cards, Lolly Crayons, BirminghamMommy swag and More!

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas:

Write notes in chalk thanking delivery/mail people

Text a friend just to check in and see how they are (even better, pick up the phone and give them a call!)

Buy a few cheap umbrellas and stash them in your car or in your bag to gift to someone on the street who might be caught in one of our afternoon downpours without one.

Pick some flowers from your yard and leave them on your neighbors porch with a note to brighten their day.

Pay it forward (or backwards) in the drive thru line by purchasing the coffee or the meal for the car behind you.

Record your child reading a story for a family member or post on social media for other kids to enjoy.

Donate to our Homeless population through Be a Blessing Birmingham

Write and mail letters to grandparents or family and friends you haven’t been able to see during quarantine.

Donate to a local food bank

Write postcards/draw pictures to send residents at a senior citizen center to brighten their day

Send dinner to a friend using a food delivery service

Bring up your neighbors trash can or recycling bin

Send a care package to a friend who lives far away

Send a card to a service member

Buy a few extra supplies for your child’s teacher/classroom

Donate books you’ve outgrown to a little library in your neighborhood

Plan a car parade for someone’s birthday (or just because you miss them)

As you can see the kindness ideas are plentiful and we can’t wait to see what Random Acts of Kindness YOU come up with!

DON’T FORGET to share your pictures on Facebook and/or Instagram, tag BirminghamMommy (or DM us) and use the hashtag #KindIsCoolBham

We’ll be watching!

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