Kids and Money: How To Guide for Moms Who are Bad with Money

Let’s face it, I’m no budgeting savant. I want my kids to learn about money, but I can barely keep my grocery budget in tact. When in doubt, go online!  We compiled some great resources to help your little ones learn the in’s and out’s of moola.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure
This is a board game for kids that teaches setting goals, saving and spending wisely, and asset allocation, just to name a few.
The Pig can give you savings tips and help you learn how to save!

The Mint for Kids
Helps kids learn to earn, save, spend, and give.
Very cool site where kids can learn about just about any topic. Includes games and videos about money, history, science, jobs, government, and much more.

How are you teaching your kids to manage their allowance and Birthday money?

2 thoughts on “Kids and Money: How To Guide for Moms Who are Bad with Money

  1. Trish, you should try Tykoon! Tykoon helps you teach your kids how to earn, save, give and spend money. It will also help you get track of what they’ve earned and what chores they have completed. I agree with the poster before me – you have to be involved to help them succeed! And Tykoon will let you do that. Cheers!

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