Kidfresh Foods: My Golden Ticket to Healthy Eaters

To say that my kids are picky eaters is a complete and total understatement. For the longest time my twins thought that fruit was something that only came in a squeezy pouch from Buddy Fruits.. Seriously.

We have now, (very slowly I might add) expanded our horizons to include bananas, and on occasion grapes. If we want to try anything else, we have to get sneaky. Just like with vegetables. So I was beyond thrilled when I learned about Kidfresh, a line of all natural kids meals that was founded by a Dad. They claimed to have done my dirty work for me by hiding veggies in every single one of their meals. What’s that? No more steaming and pureeing the carrots myself in order to sneak them into the one thing my kids will eat… Mac & Cheese.

Intrigued, we reached out to them on twitter and they were happy to send us some coupons that would allow us to try their product. Our taste buds were delighted (not just the kids either.) So, to make sure we were giving a fair assessment, we then set out to get feedback from some other Moms…. You know how we get when we find a product we love. We obsess and insist that everyone we know, know what we know. Ya’ know?

Local Blogger, Rachel from Grasping for Objectivity says: “I didn’t have a lot of expectations of these, because let’s face it: I’m not organic and I’m barely green (and that’s only because it’s my favorite color).  But I dutifully went to Whole Foods and bought them for Ali.  I got the quesadillas (with hidden carrots) and mac and cheese (again with the carrots).  I fixed the quesadilla first, and tasted a bite.  I was shocked – it was seriously the best quesadilla I had ever put in my mouth!  The carroty cheese was especially creamy (who knew? Maybe I should put carrots in my cheese), and the tortilla was surprisingly fresh for just having been frozen.  It was seriously delicious.  And Ali loved it too! She was quite the fan.  I fixed the mac and cheese a few days later, hoping to quench my desire for some more of the creamy carroty cheese.  Sure enough, it was awesome too!! Ali, Noah and I all fought over it, and loved it to the last bite.” 

Kristen B. Our “Parenting with a PhD” Contributor also loved the Mac & Cheese: ” I made the Kid Fresh Wagon Wheels Mac-and-Cheese for my four-year-old daughter.  Fortunately, it only took two minutes to cook in the microwave because she was chanting: “MAC-AND-CHEESE!” over and over while I got it ready.  I was relieved to find that I really couldn’t see the vegetables hidden inside because that meant neither could she.  She ate the entire bowl in under five minutes, pronounced it “Yummy” and “Delicious,” and I didn’t feel guilty for not having planned ahead or made a vegetable side dish.  A resounding success!”

Erin D. adds her thoughts, saying: “We are eating the cheese quesadillas and the spaghetti noodles. My son is eating the spaghetti like crazy. He loves it, but he will eat anything I put in front of him. It’s easy for him to pick up but he can also hook the noodle on the end of a fork and get it in his mouth which seems to be a plus for older kids. My daughter seems to like bot. She’s not a big eater- she will just randomly eat which I guess is similar to most 2 year olds. She has eaten several spoonfuls of the spaghetti and one quesadilla. Both kids seems to like the food. It’s very east to heat in the microwave and get it on the table for them. It doesn’t seem to taste too bad as most kids food tastes terrible to me.”

The only downside we can seem to find is availability. You can find them at Whole Foods and a handful of Publix stores (Hoover, Hueytown, Bessemer, Alabaster, Helena, Pelham.) So, next time you’re in or near one of those stores, stop in and stock up. Getting your kids to eat healthy is completely worth it!

Have you tried Kidfesh meals? What are your thoughts or favorites?

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