Kid Picks – June!

We love to shop for the little ones.  In fact, I don’t think I’m alone when I say I spend more time and money on the little ones than I ever do on myself.  It’s hard to resist, kid items are all so little and….cute.  We found a few things this month that were darling.

Baby Girl Elephant Personalized Onesie Set available from The Baby Gardner.  Let’s all take a collective “Awww” together now, shall we?

The Dishes.  Just like the laundry, the dishes multiply.  But when we saw this “Dirty Dishes” set from Alex Toys, we couldn’t help but love the idea.  Cute, cute, cute – but might as well train them early, eh?

Black and White.  We love anything black and white.  Check out this gorgeous dress from Jen Jen. We love.

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