Kid Picks for Summer

Our picks for keeping your kids looking cool this summer!

Toting the kids around more than normal during the summer can mean more chances for kids to have their sippy cups mixed up at summer Camps, playdates, and pool parties. These will help keep germ swapping to a minimum!

Baby Face Bands: Babies can’t read their names, but beginning at about age 1, they can recognize a picture of themselves.

Baby Face Band is customized with your childs picture and name. Their fun, easy to use website makes it easy! After you’ve designed your perfect label, you can print it from home or save it and print at your favorite drugstore or supermarket.

They come in 5 colors to suit you, and to make these little gems even cooler, they were created and are sold by a local BirminghamMommy…

The absolute most adorable little sun hat, ever! We found this on Etsy! A retro 1950’s style visor that is fully adjustable, it simply ties at the nape of the neck. Available in a variety of fabrics.

Sun Smarties Swim Bags All kids love being able to carry their own bag or back pack, this one is a great choice for the beach or pool. They can be responsible for their own toys and the waterproof liner will help keep wet swimsuits contained. The drawstring straps keep contents secure, while the front pocket is perfect for storing treasures. Available in pink or blue.

What are some of your must have summer products for kids?

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