Keep Your House Clean the Easy Way

It’s a never-ending battle that we fight trying to keep toys out of the floor and dishes clean and laundry folded. We blame it on the kids, and it is mostly their fault. It’s also our husbands’ fault too. Not ours though. We’re so close to perfect it’s not even funny.

Here are a few proactive ways to keep it clean without going crazy:

1. Have an In box and an Out box. Once kids go to school, the number of papers, permission slips, etc is overwhelming. Not to mention bills, important dates, and everything else. Keep those items organized and you’ll never be late or forget them again.

2. In each room, choose one area that always has to be clean. For me, it’s my dresser in my bedroom. If I don’t stay on top of it, it will be piled with laundry in no time. I keep it dusted and looking great, and it makes the whole room look and feel better.

3. Routine… we harp on making our kids have a routine, but it’s really something the whole family should have. Sweep and mop on Sundays, do laundry on Wednesdays. Little things to make sure you don’t forget.

Here are a couple of websites we like if you’re looking for something already set up and structured for you:

The JustMommies Home Organization plan – It’s all laid out for you daily and offers printable charts. I keep the current month on the side of my Fridge. Seeing it broken down into small daily tasks keeps me from getting overwhelmed. It also helps me coordinate the bigger tasks on a regular basis, like cleaning out my car!

The other is one that I hear about from lots of Mom’s – FlyLady. She’s big on de-cluttering and thinks you get more accomplished each day if you get up and get dressed. It will organize you, as well as motivate you.

How do you stay on task when it comes to keeping your house clean?


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