I've Got Art Coming Out of My Ears: A Solution for Storage and Organization of Children's Art

Preschool.  Just the word conjures up warm and fuzzy feelings of exciting play and learning time for your children. Even warmer feelings of a few hours of freedom for you.  But with that word comes some wonderful memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, except well those memories come by the truckload.

What are we supposed to do with all that stuff?  My refrigerator is full.  My cork board is overflowing.  I needed a system – and necessity breeds solution (or something like that.)

Here are a few ways to take back control of the art clutter:

Storage bins and boxes
I bought these at IKEA.  At two for $7.99 – they are solving the problem that I have wonderfully. They’re letter size, so there is ample space to store loads of scarecrows and hand turkeys.  There’s even a nifty included label so I can put her name and the year.  But, if you’re not up for the drive to Atlanta, there are many storage solutions like this available at office supply stores or even So voila’ – organized and protected.

Gift it out
There is no better gift for a loved one that a special peice of art your child crafted.  To make it even more “gifty”, include it in a nice frame that the recipient can use at a later date.  I am compiling it all into my handy box (above) so I can sort through it at giving time.

Display it
I had to learn that there were many more ways to display my child’s creative attempts than jsut a refrigerator magnet.  Another BirminghamMommy contributor, RandomMommy, did this:

So use your imagination – you’ll be surprised at how creative you can be.  And nothing makes a child more proud than to see her artwork on display.

3 thoughts on “I've Got Art Coming Out of My Ears: A Solution for Storage and Organization of Children's Art

  1. I bought 2 posterboards and taped them together, only 3 sides. This way the bigger projects also fit in it. I also wrote his name and school year on the outside so I could keep it then be able to look back and know when he did. It works for us and let's us replace the art on the fridge easily. 🙂

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