Itty Bitty City Now Open at McWane Center!

One of McWane Center’s newest exhibits is now open. Itty Bitty City is an interactive exhibit for the smaller set, which boasts a generous dress-up closet, a realistic grocery store, a playhouse, puppet theater, telephone booths, working cranes, cars and trains. Whew! That was a mouthful!

Contained on the 3rd floor, preschoolers are free to roam and explore the “Itty Bitty Magic City” around them. And best of all, you can watch from a safe distance while they run themselves ragged. In addition, a summer science program geared especially for the preschoolers will be held at the exhibit everyday at 10 a.m. from May 24th until August 31st. See you there!

What: Itty Bitty Magic City Exhibit @ McWane Center
Where: 3rd floor Adventure Hall

Who: geared more for the preschool set
When: Exhibit open all summer!

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