Iron Bowl Playdate: War Eagle! & Roll Tide!

You might think that Thanksgiving is the most important thing happening this week, and I hate to inform you that you are incorrect. It’s Iron Bowl Week Baby!! Forget the turkey it’s time to sport your orange and blue or crimson and white…. Bragging rights are on the line!

Many of us host Iron Bowl parties for our adult friends leaving the kids to make themselves scarce and hope no one comes down with a Lego up their nose until at least halftime…. put together a few ideas to help keep the little ones occupied and get them involved in the festivities.

First up, Gear – your guests really need to come dressed to support their team, in case they don’t want to play along (how dare they?) you can have a few of these adorable little tulle skirts available for the girls. All you need to whip these up are elastic headbands and strips of tulle in team colors. Cut the tulle into strips, double and tie in double knots around the elastic band, alternating colors. Any little girl that likes to dress up will love being and Auburn or Alabama Princess for the day!

For the boys, pick up a little pack of Logo Tattoos and let them be a part of the dressing up!

Decorations can be simple, if you’re a big fan you mostly likely have some themed platters or shakers around. Getting plates in team colors is another way to add some fun to the festivities. We love these adorable ice buckets and platters from Stuck on you Wall Decor.

Next you need activities – We created a very simple pin the football on the field game, using a large grass looking table cloth and some white duct tape. Simply mark of your yardage with the tape and add the number and hash marks if you want. We bought some inexpensive football cut outs from the party store and put a little tape on the back, blind fold your guest, spin them around and the closest football to the end zone wins! Total cost for the game was less than $7, but I did have the tape on hand.

You can also set up a football toss by using a hoola hoop and some string. Tie it up to a branch and let the kids try their arm at throwing a football through the hoop.

Combining food and activities is a good idea. Make a batch of sugar cookies and have some icing and sprinkles on hand. To keep with the theme, use football shaped cookie cutters and let the kids decorate in their team colors. While you have the cookie cutters out, make up some sandwiches and cut them into footballs and helmets too. Some chips, goldfish, a cooler full of juiceboxes and you’ll have one heck of an Iron Bowl party that adults and kids can enjoy!

If you’re headed to the game, remember these fun ways to make tailgating easier with kids in tow!

War Eagle and Roll Tide Everyone!

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