How to Organize Toys After the Holidays

We all love that Christmas morning magic, the joy on our kids faces as they see all of the new things that Santa brings or the toys they have to unwrap from Mom, Dad or Grandparents, but once the wrapping paper and boxes are gone we’re left with piles of new toys and games that need a home somewhere in our home and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably already busting at the seams, so what do we do with all of that new merch? Here are some ideas on making some space:

First of all…. PURGE:

I know, I know.. Easier said than done, right? But seriously, if you start with toys or puzzles that are broken or missing pieces you might be surprised at how much you can quickly clean out. Then think about things that your kids have outgrown that they no longer play with that tend to just get pushed to the back of the shelf or closet, I promise this will be a great starting point.


If you simply don’t have space in your kids room or playroom from all of the old and new, but getting rid of things isn’t an option, grab some plastic bins and pack up some of the older toys and store them in the attic or garage and simply rotate them out after a few months.

Add Shelving:

If you can, utilize wall space to add shelving to store UP. Add some bins to help organize things like legos or use the shelves for board games.

Remove Furniture:

Don’t be afraid to make the space work for how you need it right now, as your kids get older, their toys get smaller, if you need to remove larger furniture and add it back later just remember it’s only temporary.

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