How did you tell the big news?

Parents everywhere are always looking for creative and unique ways to share their biggest and most exciting news… We’re pregnant!!  In our quest to find some cute ways to share, we found one idea that floored us.  It gave us goosebumps, watch and you’ll see why…

Here’s how we shared our news.  How did you do it?  Heard of anyone with a creative idea?  Share!!

Trish~ For my first pregnancy, we waited until Christmas Eve to spread the news.  My husband’s very Italian grandparents had flown in for the holidays and we wanted to do something special for them and let them be the first to know.  So we printed out the phrase “We’re pregnant” in Italian and framed it.  We wrapped it and gave it to them as their gift.   When they opened it, his grandfather was a bit confused… everyone asked him what it meant and he exclaimed “We’re ALL pregnant!!”  Apparently, we conjugated the verb to mean everyone, not just us!

Angie~ We were married for a VERY long time before deciding to take that huge leap into parenthood. I wanted to share the news in a way they would remember. I ordered custom made Fortune Cookies and had the “fortunes” say things that related to babies. We took my parents to dinner at PF Changs. I arrived early and told the Manger what we were doing and got them on board along with our server to use my custom fortune cookies as if they were the ones they would normally give out at the end of the meal. I would have to say they were confused and completely caught off guard. It was nice that they had a little “Fortune” to save for the scrapbook!

We would love to hear your story and maybe help inspire another expecting Mom!

4 thoughts on “How did you tell the big news?

  1. To share the news of our third baby, we had a photo session done… my kiddos wore white tees with an appliqued 1 and 2. In some shots they held a newborn size tee with a numeral 3 that matched. My photographer made us a slideshow to share that began with my oldest and number one and ended with the family holding the empty number 3 tee that our sweet baby would eventually wear. We simply sat down with our parents and shared the slideshow of that most recent session. It was so fun and worth it!!

  2. I rememember that night very well…we were kinda confused & that anouncement took us off guard….after all we had been waiting a very long time to be grandparents…but she was worth the wait !!!

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