Holiday Gift Guide: Timeless Kid Gifts

There’s nothing worse than buying your child the toy they MUST have, only to have them bored with it after a few weeks or hours. So many of our available choices are those kinds of toys.  We decided to make a gift guide of timeless toys that will be played with for years.  (And for those of you who have read Simplicity Parenting, these fit in!)

1.  Wooden blocks–  Sounds boring but no toddler/preschooler can resist them and they get years of play.  They require imagination and serve several uses: learning letters, building structures, knocking down, etc.

2. Lincoln Logs–  A bit expensive, but once your preschooler/kinderkid figures them out they will play with them a ton.

3.  Legos–  Anyone with a schoolage boy knows that Legos are where it’s at.  But they’re not just for boys, girls can enjoy them too.  And though they seem expensive, they will get played with for upwards of 5 years if you start early enough.

4.  Scooter/bike-  A childhood staple, enough said.

5.  Sticker books-  You can find any topic, and these books are great for keeping kids happy when going out to dinner.   The kids peel stickers and stick them where they go in the book.  They love it and it promotes imaginative play.

So often we look at what the hottest toys are this season, but it may be better for our kids and our wallets to look at the timeless classics.

What were your kids’ most played with toys?

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