Holiday Getaway: Snow Mountain at Stone Mountain Park, Georgia

The holiday break is here and if you’re looking for something to do that’s just a quick drive from Birmingham, you should load the family up and head over to Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

Spend a fun-filled day playing across five football fields of frosty joy. Zoom down the 400-foot hill all together in their family-sized tubes, or go it alone as a single rider. From snowman building to snowball shooting, tubing to togetherness, enjoy all the moments that will make for the perfect snow day.

BirminghamMommy was recently invited over to check everything out and we can say with certainty that there is plenty of fun to be had for children (and adults) of all ages. We have confirmed that “Fun for the Whole Family” is actually possible.

Snow Mountain assigns guests a 2 hour window so while you wait for your reserved time for tubing it’s a great chance for you to take advantage of the the SnowZone.

In the SnowZone there is lots of interactive fun to be had. You will find a closet full of scarfs, “noses”, and sunglasses to decorate and personalize your snowmen. You can also snag some brick molds for building your own igloo, or fort.

Once your assigned window comes up for Avalanche Alley you can spend 2 full hours on the slopes in both the individual and family tubes. This is where the real family fun happens!

In addition to spending an entire day on just Snow Mountain, there are many musical shows offered as part of Snow Mountain Christmas which ends January 1. From a Holly Jolly Cabaret, and the Crossroads Christmas Carol to the Polar Express 4D, which is about 15 minutes of the most exciting pieces of the film. Snow, cold wind and smells jump out while sitting in a chair that allows you to feel the train move, bounce and rock. *Note: Polar Express 4D runs though January 6, 2014.

If you’re not able to make it over before the end of the year, no worries! Snow Mountain is open now through February 17, 2014. To purchase tickets or learn more visit







Photos By: Scott Butler

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