Going Back To Work? 5 Tips To Make the Transition Smooth

Making the transition from stay at home mom to working mom was more stressful for me than it was for my kids. i know it affected my kids, but I did several things in advance to prepare them and I think that eased the transition.

1. Talk to them, explain what is happening and why it is happening.

2. Make sure they know they’re still #1. Extra cuddles, extra “I love you’s” and lots of reassurance that they were still my main priority were all crucial.

3. Let their new caregivers know about the transition. My daughter’s new preschool teacher gave her an extra hug and asked about her new routine. Little things go a long way. Take all the help you can get.

4. Leave a surprise for them. I made each kid a little goody bag and left it for them to find. It was a time when I would’ve normally been there, but wasn’t now due to working. My absence was taken better by a few dollar store treats and a sweet note that said “Can’t wait to see you!”

5. Not just in the beginning… The first week isn’t the only time you have to work twice as hard to make sure they’re okay. It’s every week. Keep the extra hugs and kisses coming. Surprise them with little notes. Let them know how much you think about them.

If you’ve made this transition, how did you make it smooth for everyone?

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