Go Green, Baby!

Going green for your baby is really not that hard now. Whether you’re a self proclaimed “Tree Hugger” or just trying to do a small part, there is something out there for everyone. It seems like the recent demand and interest has driven retailers to carry more of a selection, even in Birmingham!

Big Box retailers are getting on board and more and more boutiques are popping up specializing in, or offering a wide variety of “Green” products to choose from.  And the best part is, they are becoming more and more affordable.

Here are some of the things that we here at use and or love!

Petit Collage Bamboo Mobile- (Also featured in our buying guide) Sustainably harvested from bamboo plywood and made and packaged in the USA by a non profit that employs disabled adults, this decor is modern and sensible. There are several designs to choose from to match any nursery, kid’s room, or play room. Swaddle in Homewood is a local spot to check out.

Cotton Muslin Swaddling blankets- Brilliant! These breathable and stretchable swaddling blankets let babies self-regulate their body temperature. It even softens with use and washing, so it only continues to get better and better. Guaranteed to become baby’s blankie in no time! Also available at Swaddle in Homewood, in a variety of colors and hip designs.

All things Method! This even goes beyond baby, they have so many wonderful products available it’s easy to intergrate some “Green Cleaning” into your household.. ( which will also be good for baby, say bye-bye to the 5 second rule!) Their baby products are gentle, and smell Oh, so good! Smelling of Rice Milk and Mallow, you will almost want to eat your kids up when your finished getting them ” Squeaky Green.” If you know of someone having a baby, this “Bundle of Joy” bundle would make a great gift. From diaper cream to laundry soap, Method makes everything you need to make your baby green.

Cloth diapers have come a long way since the days of cotton and a safety pin. They are making a come back and they are actually stylish. Bambino Mio is an environmentally safe solution to a stinky problem. Not sure how the system works? It’s really quite easy and you can get a starter kit complete with instructions. Properly place the cotton “nappy” over the little bum, and cover with a “nappy” cover. Disposable liners are also available to add extra protection and absorbtion. You can find these at local retailer Swaddle, in Homewood. Another great brand is gDiapers, available at Babies R Us.

So, what if you aren’t ready for the commitment of cloth diapers? It’s alright, try out Seventh Generation Chlorine Free diapers. While these will still end up in the land fill you can feel good in knowing that you helped reduce the amount of chlorinated toxins released into the environment. In fact, if every household in the United States replaced just one package of diapers processed with chemicals containing chlorine with these diapers, we could prevent 2800lbs of chlorinated hydrocarbons from polluting our air, lakes and streams.

Whether you’re hard core or just the slightest shade of green, I think we all agree that anytime we have a chemically safe alternative for our kiddos, it’s probably a good thing!

So next time you are looking to try something new, try one of these products, our environment (and your baby) will thank you!

One thought on “Go Green, Baby!

  1. Great tips, however, Method is not the best baby wash line. It’s better than most washes, but still contains potentially harmful ingredients. Try California Baby or even Dr. Bronner’s.

    There are even some great biodegradeable disposable diapers out there (though I am a Seventh Generation fan!). Nature Boy and Girl, Nature Baby Care and Tendercare plus are biodegradeable. Also, there are several cloth diaper options that offer a biodegradeable, flushable and/or compostable liner. These include growBaby, gDiapers, Flip and others.

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