Go Diego, Go Live! The Great Jaguar Rescue

Tickets are still available for this weeks show, Go Diego, Go Live! at the BJCC. Prices range from $15.00 for balcony seats, to $36.00 for continental seating. Price does not include fees charged by Ticketmaster. Check the calendar for all dates and times.

About the show:

It’s the biggest party of the year, the Animal Carnivale! Every year all the animals gather at the Great Pyramid for the Carnivale, but the party cannot start until the Chief of Carnivale makes a special sound. This year’s chief is Baby Jaguar, who will use his special growl to start the Carnivale.

Everyone is headed to the Animal Carnivale when the Bobo brothers show up with a magic bottle that captures Baby Jaguar’s growl. Without his growl, Baby Jaguar can’t start the Carnivale. Diego and Baby Jaguar need the help of everyone in the audience to get to the Great Pyramid and get his growl back from the Bobo brothers.

Diego and Baby Jaguar head out on an adventure-packed quest to get Baby Jaguar’s growl back. Along the way they rescue animals in the rainforest, dance through a coconut-tree forest, traverse a raging river with a giant waterfall, and are helped along by the special appearance of Diego’s cousin, Dora. Everyone also learns how each of us is special in our own way.

In an exciting climatic scene, Baby Jaguar and Diego find the Bobos inside the pyramid and–with the help of the audience–get Baby Jaguar’s growl back. As the sun sets on the exciting day in the rainforest, all the animals of the world meet at the Animal Carnivale and their Chief, Baby Jaguar, starts the big finale with his GROWL!

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