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Get Glowing!

Autumn slips into our lives seemingly unnoticed most years. Mainly because school is back in session, and we moms are running full speed! Still, it embraces us with it’s glorious, rich colors, cooler temperatures, cobalt blue skies, and football of course!

However, when autumn gives way to winter with even lower temperatures and colder, dryer winds. These elements can be considered a “winter assault” on your skin. Add to that the indoor heat we love to turn up, and your skin is even more parched.

What to do? Here are a couple of hints for you to declare an “anti-aging assault” on the harsh winter elements and reclaim your GLOW.

EXFOLIATE! Out with the old dead, dull cells and in with the new!

And boy did we find the best of the best in at home exfoliation! The REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator totally ups the ante from any at home exfoliating tool available today.  It was the creation of Doctors Rodan+Fields (of Proactiv fame) for their skin care line, Rodan+Fields Dermatologists.

How it works: The patent-pending MACRO Exfoliator takes away a week’s worth of dead, dulling skin cells and the gentle suction sweeps them away.

How often:
Use once weekly for 5 minutes to rid yourself of 5 million dead skin cells, leaving behind smoother, more luminous skin!

MOISTURIZE! Nourish your skin with rich moisturizers to keep the drying and cracking at bay.

We love Rodan+Fields REDEFINE Regimen for replenishing moisture and for being loaded with anti-aging ingredients like peptides, which aid in the building of collagen. REDEFINE is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines, pores, & loss of firmness.

From the Daily Cleansing Mask to the overnight & daytime creams, your skin will drink in the nourishing ingredients.
When used in conjunction with your MACRO Exfoliator, the results are astonishing and very satisfying!  Many people say this combination truly helps their skin to have a glowing appearance.

To tackle dry, flaky skin on the rest of your body, try Rodan+Fields ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer. It features RF-Dcell technology to calm frenzied cells. Your result will be skin that is able to retain moisture and remain comfortable when challenged by climate & and other environmental aggressors.

Always, always use sunscreen!!!

It’s time to Glow again ladies!

The Giveaway!

We’ve got 1 Macro Exfoliator (retail value $279.00) up fro grabs, compliments of Gia Merritt, Rodan+Fields, Executive Consultant.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post letting us know that you would like to glow!

2. Head over to Gia’s Facebook Page and thank her for the giveaway.

3. Share this post with your friends on Facebook

Giveaway will end Saturday, December 7th at 6pm. Winner will be announced via email and on our Facebook page.

Good luck!

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