Giveaway: BrickFair LEGO Convention

The BrickFair LEGO Convention is back at the BJCC next weekend (January 11tth and 12th) and has a family four pack of tickets for one lucky reader!

Here’s what you can expect!

LEGO models, displays and winding trains sprawled out over 58,000 square feet.

BrickFair brings together adult fans of LEGO from across the USA to show off their projects, great and small, and to share their passion for LEGO – the most awesome toy – ever.

LEGO fan festivals like BrickFair are great fun for the whole family!

Join in a game or two – maybe win a LEGO set.

Vendors will be offering all things LEGO, including shirts, hats, minifigures, custom-molded weapons, unique models, keychains and really, everything you never imagined.

To enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post using the word “BrickFair” in your reply.

2. Share this post on your Facebook Page, make sure to use  “@BirminghamMommy”  when you do.

Giveaway will end Tuesday, January 7th at 10am. Winner will be notified via email and on Facebook.

Good Luck!

180 thoughts on “Giveaway: BrickFair LEGO Convention

  1. My grandson and I went last year and loved it. He has been looking forward to going again this year and we can’t wait! Love that Brick Fair.

  2. I would love the opportunity to win these tickets for my 4 year old nephew. He would love going to Brick Fair, he has never been and his favorite thing is Legos. His mom lost her job a few months ago so she wouldn’t have the funds to take him. What a blessing this would be to this little boy.

  3. Thanks for posting about the Brick Fair. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make it up to our boys for missing out on going to LEGO land with all our sickness during the break. They will love this!

  4. Oh how my middle son would love tickets to Brick Fair! He can barely wait for the Lego movie to come out this year! I have been looking for more information on this. Fingers crossed until Tuesday. He is the middle of three boys. Two brothers all into sports. They call my middle one a “Lego nerd”. This would show them how cool Legos are!!!!!! Have a blessed Sunday!

  5. The GIRLS (Mom and daughter) as well as the boys would love to get some new building ideas at LEGO Brickfair. Thanks @BirminghamMommy!

  6. My 7 year old son put together an 1100 piece LEGO Star Wars series ship he got for Christmas in about 2 days, completely by himself. He would be beyond excited to go to the BrickFair!

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