Gender Reveal Parties, Sharing the Big News!

It seems like gender reveals parties have become more and more popular thanks to the Todays show and the Duggars. Not that revealing the sex of your child hasn’t always been a big deal but the way people are choosing to announce it to their families (and sometimes learn for the first time themselves) is becoming more and more creative and fun!

In case you aren’t familiar with a “Gender Reveal Party” it goes something like this.. The expectant couple will have a bakery bake a cake that is non-descript on the outside and filled with pink or blue on the inside. They will have a party with family and friends and cut into the cake revealing the pink or blue middle. I know couples that have managed to pull this off without themselves even knowing the gender of the baby so that they were surprised right along with their guests.

But are we expecting too much from our guests to assume that they will be as excited to learn about the sex of our child as we are? Is it presumptuous or narcissistic? I tend to think that anyone you would put on the guest list would be excited about the news and at the very least looking for an excuse to attend a party. Not to mention that you get the opportunity to learn the news yourself in a way that is fun, and takes you out of the sterile Doctors office.

So we say, if you can handle the suspense of not knowing, why not have a little fun with the big news!

What are your thoughts? Are gender reveal parties just a fad? How did you share the big news about your bundle of joy?

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