Fun with kids: Making "Sushi"

Sushi is delicious. Birmingham has its fair share of delicious sushi restaurants. We at BirminghamMommy love it and we want to share the fun with our kids. The only problem is that most kids aren’t really comfortable with seaweed and tuna. So when we see a problem, we find a solution! We got to work and found several different ways to make lunch exciting! (And as usual, figured out ways to sneak some nutrients in!)

Everyday sushi:
Wheat bread, crusts off and cut into a square
Peanut butter
Wheat Germ (*Tip: Wheat germ is a great way to sneak in iron and nutrients. It is hardly noticed by even the pickiest kids. Sprinkle in oatmeal, yogurt, peanut butter, etc.)

Simply flatten the bread with a rolling pin, get it really flat. Then put a thin layer of peanut butter.   Sprinkle a teaspoon of wheat germ on the peanut butter, or stir it into it.  Cut a banana into spears and make a row. Then begin rolling and keep the roll tight. Cut it into equal pieces and serve.

Other fillings you should try:

PB & Marshmallow Fluff

PB & J of course!

Cheese stick(quartered lengthwise) and Sunchips (crunchy, my son’s favorite!)

Cheese stick(quartered lengthwise) and sunflower seeds

Cream cheese and blueberries and/or strawberries

Carrots(matchstick) and cucumbers (with ranch to dip)

Hot dog(quartered lengthwise) and cheese

Tuna salad or Chicken salad

The possibilities are really endless! Dig through your pantry and try different combinations and don’t forget to use dipping sauces: ketchup, mustard, ranch, etc. Dipping is part of the fun too!

*Tip: For the older kids, make some “training wheels” chopsticks by placing a rubber band around the upper part of the chopsticks. Then slide a rolled up napkin in between the sticks where the rubber band is. Adjust it so it makes the chopsticks springy.

Our dessert sushi is on the sugary side of course but it is simply too cute for words! It makes a great special occaision treat, especially if you’re planning a party!

Dessert and party sushi:
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Fruit roll-ups (the seaweed)

Rice Krispie mixture (the rice)

Twizzler and/or gummy worm (the filling)

Swedish fish candy- optional

*Tip: Add extra marshmallows to the rice krispies treat mixture so it will flatten easily.

Make Rice Krispie treats according to the recipe, but add a couple of extra marshmallows. Flatten it out onto wax sheets and trim the edges. (Then eat the edges, YUM!) Then place your twizzler and/or gummy worm at the end and roll it up. Only do one roll, not overlapping, so it won’t be too thick. Then use a fruit roll up and tightly wrap it around the roll. Then cut and display!

Use leftover Rice Krispie treats and edges to make nigiri style sushi. Pat it into small mounds and place a Swedish fish candy or a piece of a fruit roll up on top. Voila!


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