Fun Indoor Activities To Beat the Summer Heat

When the temps start to rise sometimes we have to take a break from outdoor play to cool off a bit, but that doesn’t mean the kiddos have to be bored, there are still lots of things you can do to keep them moving and creating. Here are some ideas to beat the summer heat while having fun indoors.

Dance it out – why should the kids on TikTok have all the fun, put your favorite dance station or playlist on Spotify and Dance likes no ones watching.

Make Art – Learn how to turn regular watercolor paint into an awesome artwork with texture, depth and so much more. Get the full directions from Buggy & Buddy.

Make a Fort – Always a childhood favorite. Pull out those blankets and sheets and see how big you can make the fort and how many days your kids can live in it.

Make Slime – If it hasn’t been banned in your house by now, here are some easy slime recipes to try. If you want to step up your slime game try this recipe for Rainbow Unicorn Slime.

Indoor Olympics – Since the 2020 Summer games have been postponed, host your own games in the living room or playroom. Create obstacles to pretend slalom around or set up an indoor aquatic race. Your child, and the rest of the family can act out swimming movements as everyone races around the house.

Make Popsicles – What better way to cook off than with some yummy popsicles. Check out these 2 ingredient recipes that our kid reporters came up with.

Make a Fairy Lantern – One of the funnest crafts we have ever done, learn how to make this fun little night light here.

Play a Game of Would You Rather – Would you rather have a pet monkey or a pet porcupine? Ask your tiny human to answer this and other thought-provoking pairings when you play a few rounds of Would You Rather. All you need are a few good questions. The Family Dinner Project has a great list of kid-friendly questions you can pull up on your device so you can dole out new questions as fast as your Little can answer them.

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