Frustraion Free? Is that Possible?

Well, it is if you are a fan of internet shopping and Just in time for the holidays has come up with a way to save exhausted parents the frustration of frantically searching the house on Christmas morning for box cutters, while promising an impatient child that you are working as fast as possible to cut through unnecessary layers of plastics to then be slowed down by a bazillion little wires to unwind before finally freeing the object from it’s very environmentally unfriendly home in the box. is introducing what they call Frustration Free packaging. A concept where they are working directly with manufactures to eliminate clamshell packaging for simpler brown boxes that can be broken down and recycled. It’s a win-win. Saving parents a mornings worth of nagging and helping the environment all in one.

For more information and a list of items that come “Fuss Free” check out their site:
Amazon Frustration Free Packaging

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