Foreplay or "Choreplay" What Turns You On?

We’ve all heard of foreplay, but are you familiar with the term “Choreplay?”

Defined by the always entertaining Urban Dictionary:  When a woman is turned on by the sight of her husband/boyfriend/partner doing regular household chores, that she would normally be doing.

I.E. Women are more likely to want to have sex when their partner is helping out with the household chores… Sound familiar?

This has been turning me on for years, but who knew it actually had a name? Maybe there is more to igniting that spark in your marriage than lingerie or a romantic dinner. Research on this “hot” topic even supports the theory:

  • “A recent study from the University of Western Ontario found that wives are happier when their husbands pitch in with housework.
  • Another report from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago suggest men who help clean, take care of their kids, and do other domestic chores may see the benefits of their labor pay off in the bedroom.”

Some research suggests that “the key to female arousal comes from deep relaxation and lack of anxiety.” I don’t know about you but at the end of a long day with dishes piled in the sink and lunches that need to be made, I don’t even sleep well knowing there is unfinished business when it comes to household chores. Sex seems to (unfairly) get put on my to do list, making it feel like one more task to complete before I can call it a day.

While I certainly understand that for a husband that has been working all day, coming home to a pile of laundry to fold is completely unappealing, but with a bit of compromise everyone can win. Split up some of those nightly chores, and multi-task those bad boys so that you both get finished sooner and the “relaxing” can begin.

Our evening’s seem to be pretty hectic but to just have someone help pick up a little slack, for example, cleaning the kitchen while I bathe the kids, or vice versa can go a long way in me seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So ladies what turns you on and how do you make it work?

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