Fake-ation: Water Parks, Water Parks, All Around…Birmingham

Need a vacation but no funds, time or energy to follow through? How about a Fake-ation? Seriously, check out some spots in the region guaranteed to please the tykes and get you out of the house too! Our area is booming with fun spots all around so grab the sunscreen, suits and gear and hop in the car!

There are a number of water parks available in the area to fake your way into a vacation. First up, Bessemer’s own Splash Beach. Offering a delightful season pass, Splash Beach is a great little water park in our own backyard. Well actually, it’s not that little. Splash Beach features Neptune’s Plunge, a daring trip through tunnels and tubes into a big splashing end . Also, the park features Salamander Bay, an area reserved for children under 48”. In addition, Splash Beach includes Kahuna Waves, Splashdown, the relaxing Warrior River and much more. Check them out!

Another water park that’s just a short drive away is Point Mallard Park in Decatur. Featuring a wave pool, Sky Pond, Speed Slide, Body Slide, Sandy Beach, and much more, Point Mallard is a definite stop on our Fake-ation tour. In addition to the water park, Point Mallard is home to a golf course and campground.

And lastly on this installment of Birmingham Mommy’s Vacation / Fake-ation guide is Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville. This family-owned water park features one of the largest swimming pools in the Southeast. Slides more your thing? They also have the Chiller, Sidewinder and Circle S to satisfy you. Don’t believe us? Check out the photos on their site – looks fun!

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