Everyone should be a "Bitch on a Budget"

Thanks for inviting us to guest blog on It’s been an awesome week. Our book Bitches on a Budget: Sage Advice for Surviving Tough Times in Style, was just released and has been #1 in the “Hot New Releases Category in Consumer Behavior” on Amazon.  In addition to writing for the Huffington Post, our daily blog and our incredibly active Fan page on Facebook, we’re working on a television series for The Bitches!  So exciting.

The book, Bitches on a Budget, is about living smart, having fun, being wise. It’s a compendium of smart tips and thoughtful advice about living a stylish life for less.  It’s fun, ironic, bawdy and filled with practical advice. The ten chapters cover everything from: shopping, to exercise, to healthy eating, to wheels, to travel, to home décor, to food, to pets (pamper the bitch).   A modern woman just can’t (even if she could afford to) consume everything in her path.  After all, nothing is less attractive than a bloated bitch.

A little taste from our book published by the New American Library division of Penguin books.

Budget is Not a Dirty Word

Fiscal responsibility is like monogamy… if you think it’s boring, you’re doing it wrong.  Since when has budget been a dirty word?   After all, we’re not talking chastity belts, abstinence rings, knee-jerk denial. Think of budget as just another way to say edit. The key to good living is in using your limited resources wisely– we’ll show you how to hitch your mind to that little lust engine that’s driving you.  The end result?  You’ll make smarter shopping decisions.  Bargain buys will replace designer labels as your new badge of honor.  Besides, since you want to be a good green citizen of the world, it’s time to stop consuming everything in your path. Nothing is less attractive than a bloated bitch.

Be a Bitch, Bitch

Bitch isn’t a bad word, either.  We’re proud to be modern women.  Women who know what we want and aren’t afraid to get it; women with the sense to edit the good from the bad; women who choose to live with style and with conscience. Independent women who say what they think, are in touch with our femininity, and know how to enjoy our pleasures.  Hell we make less than men do by the hour, work harder and produce more value (just think about it, can they have babies?).   It’s time to stand proud, Bitch. “

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