Event of the Week! Birmingham Arts and Music Festival

Birmingham Arts and Music Festival (BAAM!) is a weekend-long festival celebrating Birmingham’s rich music and cultural arts scene. Modeled in part after the highly successful South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas, BAAM! will take place in a number of venues throughout the Greater Birmingham area.

BAAM! will offer patrons of all ages an unforgettable experience. By utilizing existing performance venues throughout the city, including arts centers, theatres and nightclubs, BAAM! will feature the city of Birmingham as a new destination for musicians who wish to showcase their talent for new audiences. Programs will include live music from all genres, all ages, all walks of life.  There will also be offerings of short films, artistic work created by area children, and a number of surprises for the whole family to enjoy.

BAAM! Fest is a celebration of our community’s past, present and a nod to its bright future. With the support of the city’s cultural arts organizations, artists, and the City of Birmingham—this event will surely entertain, engage and educate.

BAAM! Fest hopes to increase the public’s awareness of Birmingham’s burgeoning cultural arts community, all the while generating revenue for existing performance venues, hotels, night clubs, restaurants and museums.

For more information on Venues, Acts or to purchase tickets visit their site.

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