Elf Magic: A Holiday Tradition

“Elf Magic is the timeless Christmas-Elf tradition that has created special memories for countless children and families. When considering Christmas traditions that bring the season to life, it’s natural to conjure up stories of Santa. Elf Magic Elves have something different in mind – they encourage an upbeat Christmas animated through nightly adventures and daily play to help children instill memories, have fun and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values. We hope you and your family gain as much pleasure from Elf Magic as we have.”

So, here’s how it works: you write a letter asking Santa if you can adopt an elf for the holiday season, you put out crackers and water to lure your Elf home and hopefully one will come to visit. Then you just feed your elf every night (again – crackers and water – he or she is no gourmand).

But wait! Some elves are very mischevious at night. They’ve been known to have movie nights, have candy cane parties or make snow angels in their snowflakes. Whatever your traditions, this one is sure to be a welcome addition. Check out the story, the elfcapades and much more at

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