Eat Green on St. Patty's Day!

It’s always fun to get the kids involved in your St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, here are a few ways to surprise them at mealtime by turning their food green!

Breakfast– It’s easy to throw some green food coloring in eggs, pancake mix, or cereal milk. The kids will love the surprise. You could even take one balloon of each color and make a fun rainbow for above the table!

Lunch & Snacks– Go green with green grapes, apples, guacamole… or try this fun Leprechaun Dust! Get a box of Lime Jell-O and let the kids sprinkle the “Leprechaun Dust” on their fruits. It looks white until it gets wet, and it turns bright green!

Dinner- Broccoli, spinach balls, green mac ‘n cheese (just add food coloring to the mix!), cucumbers, celery, pickles… just find green and fill up their plates! Add food coloring to any mix– make bread or rolls that are green.

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