Droolicious Cuisine on BirminghamMommy: The Cotton Candy Shirley Temple

Our first installment of Droolicious Cuisine by MommaDrool is the Cotton Candy Shirley Temple! Your kids are going to scream for this one. And then they’ll scream some more from all the sugar. But once in a while is ok, right?

Cotton Candy Shirley Temple

Sprite, 7Up, or Sierra Mist
Cotton Candy (any color)
Ice cubes
Clear glass

1) Fill a clear glass with ice. Pour in Sprite until it fills about 3/4 of the glass.
2) Put a chunk of cotton candy, slightly bigger than the glass rim, onto the straw.
3) Place the straw into the glass without letting the cotton candy touch the liquid. (Once the cotton candy gets wet, it will dissolve. Just an FYI.)

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