DIY Fairy Lanterns

img_20161103_195632This. This was the funnest craft I have ever done. I would have killed for this lantern when I was a little girl!! Who am I kidding?? Mine is going straight in my room, TONIGHT!¬† Just imagine- this adorable little fairy could be flickering in your childs window. This craft is also great because its almost impossible to mess up- so you and your kids can do it together!! I should mention- if your child isn’t into fairies, you can use any sticker on the inside of your jar- I am planning on making one for my son with a shark or dinosaur inside because that it what he is into right now…. You can also use any color glitter- as long as it is a light color!! You need to be able to see your sticker through it.

**Important tip** I got everything in this picture EXCEPT the sticker at the dollar store. Cha-ching.

What you need:

  • Mason Jar (size doesn’t matter)
  • Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • glitter (LIGHT color of your choice)
  • Sticker (of your choice- I knew before starting this I wanted to do a fairy lantern and I was lucky enough to find an actual Tinkerbell sticker at Michael’s)
  • battery powered tea light (emphasis on battery powered)
  • fake flowers
  • glue gun


  1.  Place your sticker on the inside of your mason jar. (make sure you remove the lid and keep it off- set it aside for later)
  2. Pour glitter onto a paper plate (so you can roll your jar in it). Don’t worry about wasting it, you can always pour the leftovers back in the container and save for another craft.
  3. Paint the entire outside of your mason jar with Mod Podge.
  4. Roll your podged jar in your glitter!
  5. Set aside to try.
  6. Pick up your mason jar lid and hot glue your fake flowers on top however you like, and set that aside to dry too.
  7. When you jar is all dry and you flower’s glue has dried too, drop your tea light in that sucker and admire your beautiful creation!!!

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