Did Birmingham Moms Flip for Flip Burger?

In case you haven’t heard, Birmingham is home to a swanky new burger joint called Flip Burger Boutique. The original and only other location in Atlanta GA, was launched by Richard Blais (as in Top Chef, Richard Blais) and his partners, who have succeeded in giving diners a unique menu of gourmet burgers, innovative sides and liquid nitrogen milkshakes, all in a modern and hip atmosphere.

While we have never really met a burger we didn’t like, decided to invite some friends to lunch and see what the buzz was about.

Touted as “Fine Dining between Two Buns” that’s exactly what we got. The atmosphere is sleek, trendy and listen up…. Definitely not kid friendly. While we were there with children, it’s definitely not a place we would go again with the little ones. There are no highchairs, or booster seats, and no kids menu. If you go with a child, make sure they are old enough to sit in a big seat and eat from the “grown up” menu.

With that said, we don’t really think it’s such a bad thing. Not being kid friendly means it will be a great place for a Moms Night Out! They have a full drink menu with a top selection of beer and wines, as well as specialty martini’s and margarita’s. While I did not partake over lunch, the ginger margarita peeked my curiosity, and I’m putting that on my list of must try’s for our next visit.

Everyone agreed that the food and service, across the board was good. From the lamburger to the vodka battered onion rings, it was fresh and creative. While it is slightly pricey for just a burger, my bill came to just over $15.00 for the meal, before tip. I opted for the Daily Combo that includes a Flip Burger, Fries and a Milkshake. Depending on the day, this combo could be a flip burger or turkey burger. It was more food than I could eat, and it wasn’t because they brought my Krispy Kreme Milkshake out first, I swear!  Overall you pay more for the experience and atmosphere than the food but if you want the full experience of paying for the food, they do offer an imported Japanese Kobe burger, called the A5, it comes with fois grois, truffle oil and a price tag of $39.00.

If you’re just looking for a really good burger, stick with Five Guys, if you are looking for a fun night out with the girls or a date night out with the Husband, this is the place to go.

Flip Burger Boutique is located at 220 Summit Boulevard, Suite 140. Phone 205-968-2000.  Hours: Monday – Thursday 11am – 10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am – 11pm, Sunday 11am-9pm

Photo by Heidi Geldhauser for The Reynolds Group

7 thoughts on “Did Birmingham Moms Flip for Flip Burger?

  1. I went back with the hubs- had the Gingermargarite- I give it a “fine”. Maybe the season is wrong for it- but all it is is a margarita with Ginger flavor.
    Hubs had the Tartar burger- which was very tasty- and we split that and the A5. We could barely fine the foie gras and when we did it was barely recognizable. The Burger itself was nothing but a salt fat mess. I love kobe- but get your kobe somewhere else. It didn’t taste like delicious beef. In fact blindfolded I couldn’t have detected beef.
    So since my first visit I wasn’t loving the Flip burger- and the seocnd I wasn’t loving the high end burger- I’d say I’m done with the reaturant.
    Sad too- because I loved RB on TC! Apparently if you follow him on Twitter he tweets when he is coming to Charlotte and he LOVES to chat with fans! Can’t get enough of the love according to the waitress we had.

  2. Amy (a Facebook Fan) said this:
    We loved it. Def not a kid-centric place, which is a really nice change, once in a while. Our 9 yo felt very grown-up, and since she’s not picky, she loved her burger (the Mushroom and Swiss). If you’ve got older kids, I say go for it. Everything we ordered was great!

  3. Regina (a Facebook Fan) had this to say: Their food was a-mazing, but we went a while back and they didn’t have high chairs! It ended up being fine but yeesh. And those gorgeous white booths are going to be butchered. 🙁

    My husband has gone in a few times already for the Krispy Creme shake-it does taste just like the doughnut!!!

  4. Kristine (a Facebook fan and contributor to the site) had this to say: LOVE this place — Jake (6) also felt very cool being there — good music, cool vibe, “upside down booths on the ceilings” as he told everyone that day. and the burgers are fab.u.lous.

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