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SOCA denim story picThere’s nothing like a good pair of jeans.  Am I right, or am I right?  And you know, as well as I do that when you get that great pair of jeans, you wear them until they fall apart.  But, there is a problem when shopping for jeans – you seem to have to go through 400 pair to find that “oh so right” fit.  Well, fear not Birmingham Moms!  We’ve consulted the city’s experts and are here to deliver the dish!

Jeff and Kathleen Tenner, owners of SOCA clothing in Homewood,  have agreed to spill their secrets and help you find just the pair of jeans you need (because come on, good jeans are a necessity).  Here’s what Jeff had to say:

What information should we know before we go jean shopping (typical size, body shape, measurements,…)

The most important thing to know is what you already have so we can fill the gaps in your denim wardrobe.   Our sales associates will be able to pick appropriate fits and sizes for your body shape.  So unless you have a preconceived notion about buying a particular style of jeans, our associates will steer you in the direction of a jean that flatters your figure the best.

How long should we be prepared to spend to find the right jean?  How many pairs should we be willing to try?

Our employees are trained to be able to find a pair of jeans that will fit you correctly within the first three that you try on.  This does not mean that you will definitely purchase one of those, but within the first three we should have a good idea of what fits you the best and what flatters your figure, then we can pull you as many jeans as you wish that are good for your body and determine what wash or color you prefer in a particular style.

To make sure that you leave with your next favorite pair of jeans, you should be prepared to try on at least 5 pairs.

How can going to a boutique or store that specializes in jean fit be beneficial to us? Why is denim good investment clothing?

I can’t speak for every boutique, but at SOCA we train our associates to be able to help you find the perfect pair of jeans as quickly and as easily as possible.  We also have the largest selection of denim in the city to choose from.

Denim is a great investment because depending on what you do on a daily basis, you can wear it all the time.

Most importantly is the way denim makes us feel.  Having the confidence of knowing you look great in your jeans makes your day.

What tips can you give us on things to look for to get a more flattering fit (yoke design, back pocket position/embellishments, wash…)

The designers use pocket placement, embellishments, and other tricks to flatter, hide or accentuate different features of our bodies.  Depending on your particular body style, we can help you pick the perfect pair for you.

How much stretch is too much?  As moms, we’re up, down, moving all around – how can we get comfort but not show off our “assets” at the same time?

Most of our denim has 2% elastin for stretch.  Our associates know which jeans stretch more than others.  The weight of the denim used in production as well as the wash and any treatments done to the jeans all play a roll in how much the jeans will stretch.

For Moms on the go, which is all of them, we suggest a mid-rise jean.  This allows you to be up and down with the kids, while keeping your “assets” hidden.  These jeans still have a flattering and sexy look.

What are the current trends in denim and what can we expect to see more of in the future?

Right now it is really a buyers market in the world of denim because there is so much to choose from. Most of the jeans made have a 34” inseam, however the manufacturers have listened to the public and have made many styles available in petite as well as extra long.  There is a very good chance you will be able to find a pair that fits you perfectly and needs no hemming at all, however if you do have to have them altered in some way, most alterations places are very familiar with how to do it correctly and can reattach the original hem to maintain the authentic look.  If you do take your jeans to be altered, make sure you wash them first and always wash your designer denim in cold water, inside out, and let them hang to dry.

The current trend is jeans with abrasions, skinny jeans, denim leggings, and black jeans. The top designers always also offer the traditional fits such as bootcut and flare, as well as traditional washes in basic dark, medium and light blues.  The future is wide open in the world of denim as more and more companies produce different styles and try to compete with the major denim companies.  For Birmingham Mommy’s, we would recommend starting with the basics in your denim wardrobe and then venturing out whatever trend is the flavor of the month.  Either way you go, SOCA has plenty of choices for you.


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